Oh I love me some “Beatdown” with Willam of stupid, weird and crazy videos! The first video is about how to naturally heal a tooth infection. It’s completely awkward because the person making it does not speak or tell you why she is fixing the tooth infection. It’s some basic instructions along with a lot of weird background noise that makes you tilt your head and go “WTF?”

Next is a music video where I agree with Willam when she says she really doesn’t want to be in a world where this kind of music is okay. (This is the reason men in their 40’s never try to rekindle their childhood dreams of becoming rock stars.)

Then we have a drag queen “Surprise Video of the Week”. It shows some clear “what not to do’s” that this boy did not get the memo on. First of all, he has a “hungry tuck” (watch the episode because she explains it better than I ever can). Next his balls popped out and….I just can’t even with the rest of this. Fail epic fail lol. Next, we see the elegant Raja, who shows us how a true star comes back from a fall on stage and still owns that stage, that song and that crowd. Watch

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