I think many of you might remember the review I did back in June of Taylor’s “Manipulate” song where the love interest in his video was cheating on him and he found out and left him on the side of the road.

Well “Back To The Table” is the second part of this story that has unfolded of Taylor and the ‘boyfriend’ who are now trying to figure out what their relationship rests on and how they will move forward from this.

I do have to warn you that there are images of domestic violence portrayed in this video for dramatic affect and is only intended for this video, Taylor does not promote nor condone acts of domestic violence.

The video shows how they are trying to come back and maybe work things out, but emotions and tempers are still too raw and heated. What they show for friends and the others is a whole different side to what really goes on behind closed doors. Because at this point he is not ready to bring his love back to the table.

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