Short films give you the joy of watching, basically, a mini-movie. This short by Alex Myung is stunning from the music to the graphics, and the story just tears at your heartstrings. The story starts with a boy and his mother who live in the countryside with wide open green hills. Then the boy grows up and wants to move to the “big city.” He finds himself in new and crazy work, documenting his experiences with photos and sending them back to his mother, who responds in kind.

Then boy meets boy and we see an amazing love story blossom. We get to a critical point where the boy wants to tell his mom that he found love but doesn’t know if she will accept him for being gay.

This is where the story got really sad, depicting the struggle of young LGBT individuals who find happiness but then struggle with telling the family. I am not going to give the ending away, but it is so beautiful you might just bawl your eyes out like I did. The greatest thing about this video is that not a single word is uttered and the power of the visual is what says everything.  Watch

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