This provocative short film imagines what might have happened if the government had taken some very extreme measures to stop the spread of AIDS in 1985. In it, the “Department of Public Decency” calls being homosexual a contagious disease and the government wants to segregate the people who have it.

But a group of gay men band together as the “Pink Panthers” to attack the facilities where the scientists conduct tests to stop the spread of the “gay disease.”

What makes this work of fiction even more messed up is the drug called “Celebrum,” something you took if you had gay urges and wanted to be “cured.” The film really gets interesting when the government captures one of the Pink Panthers leaders and tries to “sterilize” him.  However, a man who has struggled to conform helps him discover who he truly is and learn that no government can tell you who you are and who you should love.

The scary thing is that this could have been the United States. Other countries in the world have gone to this extreme and worse. We all have the urge to release the animal that lives inside and no one will keep that down.

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